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How to Get your Website in Google News

Google is consistently bringing out new features within its search engine year after year; with one such feature becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers and the SEO world is Google News. Google News, which can be accessed through the top navigation bar of the Google search engine website, is a multiple niche news aggregator which delivers all popular stories to a searcher based on the keywords they input in to a search box. Now if you have ever used Google News to catch up on the latest news or used Google News for SEO in order to find specific content to write about on your blog or website, youll know that big websites such as the BBC arent the only ones included as news sources. In fact, websites with nominal traffic can be regularly spotted alongside the big boys. But how did these Webmasters get their small blog on to Google News? Is there any way that you can do it too?

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Display feedburner subscriber count In WordPress blog


If you want to display the number of subscribers you have but don’t want to use Feedburner’s button, here is how to display it as text in your WordPress theme. Replace FatherApprentice (in bold) with your feed name.

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Font preview

Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator won’t allow you to have a preview of the fonts on the Character Panel (Windows users only). For a preview of your fonts go to Type -> Font, or, with the selection tool or type tool, select your text, right click and choose Font. Make sure Font Preview in enable by going to Preferences -> Type . There you can also set the preview size.

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Save art boards individually in Illustrator

Art boards

If you are working on a document that has several art boards, and you  need to create single documents from each one of them , here’s what you’ll have to do.  

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How to import and display your latest tweets


If you are an active Twitter user, chances are that you want to share your latest tweets on your website or blog. To do that it’s quite easy, just use the following PHP snippet. <?php // import & display latest tweet $username = “perishable”; $feed = “”.$username.”&rpp=2″; // $prefix = ‘<h3>Perishable Press</h3>’; // $suffix = ‘<p><a href=”’.$username.’”>Follow me on Twitter</a>’; function parse_feed( $feed ) { $stepOne = explode( ‘<content type=”html”>’, $feed ); $stepTwo = explode( ‘</content>’, $stepOne[1] ); $tweet = $stepTwo[0]; $tweet = str_replace( “&lt;”, “<”, $tweet ); $tweet = str_replace( “&gt;”, “>”, $tweet ); return $tweet; } $latest_tweet = file_get_contents( $feed ); // echo stripslashes( $prefix ) . parse_feed( $latest_tweet ) . stripslashes( $suffix ); echo parse_feed( $latest_tweet ); ?>

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Super nudges in Illustrator

There are two nudges in Illustrator. Normal nudge: done by pressing an arrow key. Super nudge: done by pressing shift+arrow key. The super nudge is 10X a normal nudge.

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Get the first image from the post and display it in WordPress


By default, WordPress will not take your images with the excerpt on the homepage. This is the reason why many people use the thumbnail function or custom fields to display an image for the article on the front page. However, there is a simple way to display the first image of your article on the front page with a function.

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Align your guides in Photoshop

If you can’t get your guides exactly where you want in Photoshop, try the following trick. Hold the Shift button while dragging the guide, it will automatically snap to the nearest line on the ruler.

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Stroke shortcuts in InDesign

When drawing a shape in InDesign, you often end up with a stroke you didn’t want. To change this very quickly, your shape must be selected, then you can change the fill and stroke attributes by using the following shortcuts:

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Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin


If you can not get your WordPress password back through the “Lost your password” link or you’ve been hacked, there is a way to get it back through phpMyAdmin. 1. Go to phpMyAdmin, find your WordPress database 2. Find the users table, it should normally be named wp_users unless you changed it.

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