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How to SEO Optimize Your WordPress Site

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When creating a new website, you should always have Search Engine Optimization in art. Literally, SEO is the art of optimizing your website’s pages and post content for the search engines. SEO is effectively telling the search engines what your content is about, and who should be reading your content. For example, if you write a post on “How to fix a car”, then you will need to be specific and optimize your page for more specific keywords, such as “How to fix your car’s engine socket”. While this is a brief example, SEO also applies to the way that you link between your website’s content, and how often you link. If you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable in the area of SEO, then don’t worry – because a WordPress plugin exists that will help you out big time.


Introducing WordPress SEO by Yoast (http://yoast.com/wordpress/). This plugin has been deemed the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress. Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you will be able to manage the SEO of your website in a mere matter of minutes. Through changing your website’s meta titles, meta descriptions and meta tags, you can begin telling the search engine’s what your content is about. In addition, the plugin will also allow you to apply the “nofollow” and “noindex” meta tags to individual pages, such as your author pages and tag archives. By doing so, you’ll prevent any page rank from leaking around the site – thus helping your content and home page to rank better.


In addition, you can also specify meta titles, keywords and tags for each individual post that you write on your blog. Furthermore, after writing the post, you can use the plugin’s article analysis tool to see just how optimized your post is for the search engines – and then follow the recommendations to further improve the content.


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