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If you want to display the number of subscribers you have but don’t want to use Feedburner’s button, here is how to display it as text in your WordPress theme. Replace FatherApprentice (in bold) with your feed name.

// this is all PHP code
// Grab Feedburners
$username = 'FatherApprentice'; /* feedburner feed name */
$api_page = 'https://feedburner.google.com/api/awareness/1.0/GetFeedData?uri=' . $username;
$xml = file_get_contents ( $api_page );
$profile = new SimpleXmlElement( $xml, LIBXML_NOCDATA );
$rsscount = ( string ) $profile->feed->entry['circulation'];
$data['rss'] = $rsscount;
echo 'RSS subscriber:' . $data['rss'];


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