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How to Get your Website in Google News
Published on April 10th, 2012

Google is consistently bringing out new features within its search engine year after year; with one such feature becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers and the SEO world is Google News. Google News, which can be accessed through the top navigation bar of the Google search engine website, is a multiple niche news aggregator which delivers all popular stories to a searcher based on the keywords they input in to a search box. Now if you have ever used Google News to catch up on the latest news or used Google News for SEO in order to find specific content to write about on your blog or website, youll know that big websites such as the BBC arent the only ones included as news sources. In fact, websites with nominal traffic can be regularly spotted alongside the big boys. But how did these Webmasters get their small blog on to Google News? Is there any way that you can do it too?

Read your emails only twice a day
Published on July 29th, 2011

Apart from Twitter and other social media sites, email is probably the biggest source of interruptions in your workflow. Why? Mostly because of the way we behave towards emails. Many of us compulsivly check our email every 20 minutes and interrupts tasks that need concentration for that.